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EMKOR Technology is a fresh and innovative young company, built up from well known and experienced people.
We manufacture electric motors and motor­parts for major companies in the world of electric drives.

EMKOR has a flexible, volume driven manu­facturing process, based on your companies design, or a design of one of EMKOR’s own engineers. We manufacture your parts, either with your own raw materials, or with materials from one of our partner-suppliers. We are able to cooperate with your company, based on a mutual partnership, like it’s your own production site. The only difference is that we are not in-house.

EMKOR is able to supply complete motors or parts from DC and AC up to synchronous servo motors, from IEC framesize 25 up till 250. We are specialized in innovative soluti­ons both mechanical and electrical, focused on an upper quality level. All of this with the economical advantages of our Czech manu­facturing site.

Our location



EMKOR Technology s.r.o.
Nedvědice 399
592 62 Nedvědice
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 547 723 009
Fax: +420 566 520 184


Raiffeisenbank a.s.
Account no. 6310126001/5500
IBAN: CZ2655000000006310126001

Krajský soud v Brně oddíl C,
vložka 70533
IČO: 292 79 631
DIČ: CZ29279631

Tomáš Komprs
managing director
Tel.: +420 721 835 315

Patrik Reijnders
sales manager
Tel.: +31 (0)64 - 67 666 37

Emkor Technology: Added value through competence!